Smart branding & web design solutions for small businesses.

The Mission:

To make a beautiful brand and website you’ll be proud of, but most importantly, will serve your business and reach your ideal audience.

We are Tracey Johnson and Rar Farmer, the creative directors behind New Leaf Design. We've combined our education in psychology, experience in marketing, photography, and design to make strategy-based branding and web design more accessible for entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

Skip the DIY-design solutions that don’t work. Invest in the power of strong first impressions and let's have fun doing it! 


Designers these days are plentiful. How do you pick one? We serve clients who want a complete brand system or website that's easy to follow, stunning, and affordable. Our process ensures you get the right design, not just a pretty one.


"[New Leaf] was timely, organized, and a visionary with my new logo. They took the time to present options and explained the elements of design in icons, fonts, colors and other "artsy" specifications to help me make the best decision for my business. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM."


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