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What is "Branding" and why the distinction?

Branding is about more than just a logo. It’s the environment where that logo lives, what your customers are saying about you, and the feeling they get when they say your name. That may all sound rather corny, but it’s true. There’s a psychology behind the colors and fonts we choose. Every design decision has to be rooted in reason for it to be effective. Part of our process includes an in-depth discovery phase where we research your target audience, competitors, and find the best way to convey your overall brand message with photography, copy, and graphic elements.

The New Leaf Branding Process

Can you build me a website without branding?

In theory, yes. We could build you a beautiful, sleek website but without a strong brand foundation, it would be generic. The copy wouldn't have your voice (which we establish in branding), the photos might not reflect your target client (also established in branding) and overall, the message may be unclear to your future end-users. Even if we aren't the ones working with you on your branding, we strongly encourage all of our clients to start there before thinking about hiring a web designer.

Do you do other design stuff?

Absolutely! It's what sets us apart from other boutique design firms. We have clients who regularly need print design work done like business cards or flyers. Tracey is an actively working freelance graphic designer and available for any one-off projects you may have at an affordable hourly rate. Many clients need a website or even social media help. If you've already got your brand on lock, we'd be more than happy to help with any other "design stuff" you need. Check out our marketing content services or the web design services for those details.

How much does it cost?

Every business is different, therefore every design project is different. In order to keep our services affordable and accessible for everyone, we price our work through custom quotes. We understand many clients like to see what's included in their investment, so we put together a few "packages" on our main Services page that outline the minimum of what we offer for everyone, but actual price will vary. Reach out and we can give you a more accurate price quote.

How long does it take?

In order to deliver the very best design work, we are incredibly thorough. We understand that many clients have a specific timeline or even a deadline, so in most cases we are able to delivery within those timeframes. On average, the branding process takes between 3-6 weeks depending on factors like client communication and revisions. Let us know if you have a timeline in mind when you reach out!


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