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Design for happy, human-centric brands.


There is just nothing better to me than interacting with a brand that is unabashedly FRIENDLY. Meet me and you'll see why.

What's New leaf?

New leaf started as my freelance moniker.

I was a fresh, self-taught designer looking to hone my newfound skills while simultaneously learning what it is I loved to do most.

Several years later, it became a family business of sorts, helping to support us through the trying times of early COVID-19. I designed the logos, my wife designed the websites.

Today, New leaf is a full-fledged brand studio for those happy, down-to-earth, uniquely human brands.


Testimonial that made me cry a little –

"[New Leaf] was timely, organized, and a visionary with my new logo. They took the time to present options and explained the elements of design in icons, fonts, colors and other "artsy" specifications to help me make the best decision for my business. I highly recommend them." - Ginna K.

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Here's another great one that gets me choked up  –

“After a brief conversation about my vision for the company, she went to work and generated a design idea that we loved. From brainstorming to completion…I highly recommend her for all branding needs.” – Yolanda A.

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