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A look into the world of the Urchin Tracking Module aka UTM Code.

Ever heard of the Urchin Tracking Module? The UTM code might sound more like something a marine biologist might use to track ocean life, or even better, a new contraption in Steve Zissou's helmet. But it's not. Whomp! Whomp! Wait, don't be sad. The Urchin Tracking Module code is still a really cool and important tool that you and I can use every day. Businesses and marketing teams use UTMs to easily track the performance and effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns.

You might be asking what exactly is a UTM code?

It's simple. It's a small addition or extension to an already existing URL. UTM codes work in tandem with Google Analytics and other similar platforms to provide a more in-depth look at how a particular URL is performing. You may have seen it if you've ever shared an Instagram post to Facebook. In the link, there's a question mark and everything after that is UTM gravy.

Why is the UTM code important?

Say you're in a plethora of Facebook groups, where you post tons of stuff about your business. Some of those posts lead to sales, and some of them do not. Wouldn't it be nice to see which ones are creating revenue and which ones are not? Well, guess what? UTMs do exactly that.

Now for the works!

This all might sound complicated but it's really not. In fact, Google has made it super simple. All you have to do is fill out this little Campaign URL Builder, copy and paste the generated URL into your content calendar and you're all set. It should be noted that if you're planning on publishing the same campaign across social media accounts you'll need to create a new URL for each social media account. Make sense? If you have any questions about this drop your comments below! Happy UTM-ing!

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