• Rar Farmer

Good News from New Leaf Design

We've been working hard here at New Leaf Design. Tracey, especially, has put nearly two years of hard work into building this business - it's exciting to see it paying off.

Earlier this week, we recieved a surprise from the web builder platform Wix.com. New Leaf is now a "Wix Creator" partner! We're so excited.

What does this mean? It means that Wix considers us experts! Experts! Eeee! They've sent us this super cool badge to add to our website. And whenever Covid-19 is over, our goal is to participate in their On-Site Training Program. It's on pause due to the pandemic but we're hoping, like everyone else that this will all be over soon.

Good things are happening, and we couldn't wait to share this bit of good news with you all.

Thank you for reading! ~Rar

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