NewBridge Advisors

The mission: Refresh a Wix website for a Financial Advisor based in Pittsburgh to add credibility.


Website Refresh


NewBridge Advisors


September 29, 2020, 2:12:52 PM

The result: a simple, concise one-page site that reflects the business' brand while being informative for their prospective clients.

NewBridge had a DIY Wix website that needed a fresh look in a short amount of time. The client had the perfect amount of concise copy, but the interface/design wasn't doing them any favors. It was "embarrassing" for the client, but they simply didn't have time to execute it themselves. They wanted it ultra simple, no "fluff," and with a quick turnaround.

The Website

We created a responsive, yet streamlined one-page site that says exactly what it needs to say without "the fluff."