Create a strong foundation for your Sole-Prop or small business.

These days, empathy is everything.

With huge leaps in web design technology, startups and small businesses are finding it easier to DIY their online presence and marketing these days.


It's more accessible than ever, which is great!


That is, until you get so busy building your baby business that your brand doesn't get the time and care it deserves. It doesn't have a clear identity or worse, fails to connect with your target audience.


Unlike other design agencies, we handle very few clients at a time.

This keeps our focus and efforts undivided and ensures each one not only meets the needs of your business but is also rooted in empathy for those who interact with it.

The branding process


An in-depth questionnaire will help you understand your business values, goals, and your target audience. This questionnaire will also help you get clarity about what you really want to get out of this process, as well as inspire you to create new goals for yourself.


Using the chosen moodboard as our guide, we develop sketches into concepts. This step can vary in length depending on how many concepts we uncover! We will usually step back for a bit to let the concepts "ferment." 


During this session, we'll go over your questionnaire together, identify your ideal audience, the steps we will take to develop an intentional brand for your business, and the direction we’ll be taking with your new website if you've opted into it. 


Once we've narrowed it down to the very best concept, we present it to you and all key stakeholders for review, feedback, and revisions. We suggest each client takes at least a week to print them out, hang them around the office or home, and see how they "feel."


The fun begins! Our team uses every tool at our disposal to gather inspiration for your brand, creating a rough visual outline of 2-3 design directions. When we've narrowed it down, we present them to you for review and revisions.


With the final concept in hand, we set out to put together a cohesive collection of assets that can be mixed and matched in various ways. It's very rare that one logo does every job. Sometimes you'll need an icon or a wordmark. We try to think of everything so you have it all at your fingertips, ready to go. We package it all up in a Style Guide with your specific font system, color palette, and accompanying graphic elements. 

Inquire for a custom quote or details about our payment plans

Can you build me a website, too?

While we currently do not offer web design services, we can recommend some excellent people for that! We can set up a call together with you and your chosen web designer to review the brand guidelines and even offer Design QA services after the fact.

Can you help with my social media ?

Social media is not currently a service we offer. We can definitely make some recommendations of great freelancers who can help with this, though!

How much does it cost?

Every business is different, therefore every design project is different. In order to keep our services completely custom, we price our work through quotes after a quick intro call. We want to give you the tools and deliverables you need without any extra fluff. We understand many clients like to see what's included in their investment, so go ahead and reach out to us. After finding out exactly what you need, we'll write up a proposal that outlines everything New leaf can do to help your business. That being said, you should expect to invest at least $3,000-$5,000 in a good logo and brand identity. Reach out to learn more about our flexible payment plans.

How long does it take?

In order to deliver the very best design work, we are incredibly thorough. We understand that many clients have a specific timeline or even a deadline, so in most cases we are able to delivery within those timeframes. On average, the branding process takes about 8 weeks depending on factors like client communication and revisions. Let us know if you have a timeline in mind when you reach out!

What kind of clients do you work with?

People-first businesses who aren't afraid to goWe typically work with businesses in their initial startup phase. While we've primarily served independent professionals and small businesses, we are open to any industry. We would love to work with a clothing label at some point!

Why just one concept??

After designing 20+ logos, I've noticed a trend. If we do our work properly upfront and throughly (moodboards, discovery, etc) then a single clear concept will follow suit. Devoting our time and attention to proper research and exploration is key to making the most of your investment and ensures the final product is something that will stand the test of time.